How the alchemy of rural Puglia seduced Swiss sensibility
Luiza Zadros & Daniel Laskowski
20 January 2020

Masseria Alchimia is a 17th-century house converted into a charming boutique hotel of just 8 studio apartments: a place of delightful encounter between art, design and aesthetics of Southern Italy—with artists, architects and photographers being among the most frequent guests. That’s not accidental. The principal driving force behind the Alchimia project, Caroline Groszer, is a bit of an artist herself, and she built this charming hideaway on a strong design ethic of simplicity and respect for the past. Caroline Groszer: “We are in the countryside here, but also close to the beach. We enjoy seven months of summer and very good food. People are friendly here. I think Puglia is a wonderful piece of Italy. It’s still authentic.”

Groszer’s own unique heritage (Swiss, lived in Germany, in love with Italy) added a touch of Northern clear-headedness to the rustic interiors of the traditional house—which, by the way, use to be a convent school.

She picked vintage furniture, design classics, and contemporary pieces and set them against the warm colours and textures of the rural Puglia—taking a deliberate and unconventional way in making Alchimia as chic a retreat as it is bucolic.’

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