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A small, slightly different restaurant - I like it a lot!
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Wide choice for vegetarian cuisine

  • Davide Argentieri and chef Katia Grilletti have been running this restaurant since 2013.
  • The restaurant is not located in the “beautiful and old” part of Cisternino, but in a suburban area, in a building from the 70s, with easy parking in front; it has been carefully renovated by the architect Gabriel Neusser using natural and refined materials, creating a special atmosphere.
  • Davide has a farm and Katia a dairy, their ingredients are super fresh and the offer is creative.
  • starters: vegetable gratins, vegetarian tartare, terrines, flans, pies and creative omelettes
  • first courses: vegetarian lasagnette, vegetable soups and velvety soups
  • main courses: selected meats from the Murgia and Itria Valley farms and fish from the Adriatic Sea
  • desserts: spoon desserts, almond biscuits, ice cream, a selection of high quality cheeses and cured meats from small local producers
  • dried fruit, centrifuged drinks, herbal teas and juices with fruit and herbs, all from the family farm
  • only a few seats and only inside
  • open for dinner 20-24h, on Sundays only for lunch 13-15h, closed on Mondays
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