Ceramics museum

For ceramic lovers it is simply a wonderful experience!
Contact person Mimmo Vestita
  • the CASA VESTITA is an outstanding palazzo in the ancient area of Grottaglie; it has its own splendid 19th century garden and beautiful exhibits
  • excavations have brought to light important and ancient pieces which are now displayed in a private museum
  • the Vestita family is represented today by three brothers, who pass on the ancient tradition of ceramics: Carmelo models the clay, Mimmo decorates the artefacts and Antonio, an engineer, collaborates on more complex projects
  • in their BOTTEGA Vestita in Via Santa Sofia 23 they make unique pieces in brilliant colours, which take typical local forms and renew them to suit contemporary tastes
  • like the “pumo”, a typical Grottaglie good luck charm that can be found on the balconies of the town’s historical and modern houses: a bud decorated with acanthus leaves, symbolising spring and the rebirth of nature
  • Please call ahead and make an appointment, the entrance is euro 10.- per person, while a english speaking guide can be booked too (euro 50.-)
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