Capital of Puglia

The so-called "Milan of the south", elegant city at the sea with wonderful antique part and fashion district
Type of location

Port city

60 km north of Masseria Alchimia

Best of

Old Bari, so called Bari vecchia

The Basilica of San Nicola

The focaccia of Bari, a delicacy

  • Bari, one of the most important cities in the south and also known as the Milan of the south for its economic importance and shopping, can be reached from Masseria Alchimia in less than an hour by car or by train, which is very comfortable.
  • The centre consists of the old town and the Murattiano district. Don’t miss a walk along the Muraglia, on one side you can see the open sea, on the other the old houses. From here, walk down the small streets of Bari Vecchia to visit the most famous monuments.
  • The most important historical building is the Basilica di San Nicola, built around 1100 by the Normans. The church houses the relics of the Saint and is therefore a place of pilgrimage for Catholics and Russian Orthodox: it is one of the few places of worship in Italy where both rites are celebrated. It is also a place of legend: it is even said to hold the Holy Grail.
  • Following the walls, we come to the second monument of Romanesque origin, the Cathedral of San Sabino, built on the remains of the Byzantine cathedral and perfectly restored.
  • The Castello Normanno Svevo is also worth a visit. First Norman, then Swabian and Angevin, it has been the symbol of Puglia’s capital city for over a thousand years.
  • Another gem is the Petruzzelli Theatre, which is the fourth largest theatre in Italy.
  • For those who like shopping, there are the streets of the Murattiano district, in particular via Sparano and via Cavour, a 750-metre pedestrian area of boutiques and beautiful shops. Then, to finish, take a walk along the seafront, which overlooks the Apulian sea.
  • You can eat well in Bari, try the tiella alla barese – rice, mussels, courgettes, potatoes, tomato and, crucially, pecorino cheese.
  • And then, I almost forgot, the focaccia, made with fresh tomatoes and olives cooked in a wood-fired oven. The best, in my opinion, can be found at the Panificio el Focacciaro, in Via Salvatore Cognetti 43, near the Petruzzelli Theatre, and it is not unusual for a long queue to form in front of the shop. Et voil√†!


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