Capital of ceramics

Take a leisurely trip in the city of ceramics in search of a very special Apulian souvenir
Type of location

Town known for its pottery production

Best of

Ceramics in countless shapes and bright colours, from the most traditional to the modern ones


Anyone who likes ceramics should consider a visit to Grottaglia, the cradle of ceramic production in Apulia. From Fasano it is a good half-hour drive past Martina Franca. Then follow the signs to ‘Centro Ceramica’.

There are many producers and it is a pleasure to stroll among the shops. However, there are two that are particularly close to my heart.


1.) Bottega Vestita

I recommend a visit to the Bottega Vestita. The ceramics master Mimmo Vestita has – in addition to his workshop – a private museum (see our Magazin “Casa Vestita”). By appointment he will give you a guided tour, this is a unique and exclusive experience, ask us at reception to make an appointment. You will find the Bottega in Via Santa Sofia, 23.


2.) Enza Fasano

Equally recommended is Enza Fasano’s beautiful space. Her pieces are not missing from any design magazine. Even Giorgio Armani was among her customers. She uses the tradition of ceramics combined with modern design. The showroom is special, located in a cave. You will find Enza in via caravaggio 31.

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