Charming village

The dazzling kasba of the Itria Valley
  • Cisternino is a very pretty village, in fact it is part of the prestigious collection Borghi più belli d’Italia (beautiful villages in Italy). It stands on a small hill overlooking the green Val d’Iria. It is in the province of Brindisi, just 25 minutes from Fasano and the Masseria. You can visit it during the day, but I recommend it in the evening – in summer it is lively until late at night.
  • Its historic centre has an almost oriental charm, testifying to the Turkish influence in the area. It is made up of narrow alleyways, small arches and external stairs leading to the upper floors of the white tuff houses. I suggest a visit the Chiesa Madre, dedicated to St Nicola, and the historic buildings.
  • Cisternino is really well kept.There is so much to photograph: the embroidered decorations near the church. The flowers in the alleys. The balconies are beautifully decorated.
  • You can decide to go shopping for some ceramics and then stop to eat at the butcher’s shop. Yes, you got it right! The centre of Cisternino is full of butcher shops with tables where you choose the meat and then they cook it for you, accompanied by typical appetizers and side dishes. They are called fornelli pronti. You will be attracted by the smell of grilled meat in the alleyways of Cisternino. Don’t miss the bombette, capocollo rolls stuffed in all sorts of ways: with minced meat or caciocavallo cheese, breaded or wrapped in bacon and grilled. Are you a vegetarian? Then I recommend another super nice place – run by a young couple – Giardini 36, which is located outside the centre.


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